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Saturday, 04 April 2009

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I would like to express my gratitude to the doctor Gladkih DG Was he in the primary reception and the photographs of the fallopian tubes. The doctor is very attentive, thoroughly explains everything is not clear to me moments. Before shaking like an aspen pictures, but the doctor reassured me with a nurse, suffered shots well. Previously seen in other places. Unfortunately not much experience ..... Thank you that there are doctors in your clinic! I hope to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby with their help! Svetlana Svetikova
Your good hands, we will not forget,
Your inspiring hope glance
Your help, that miracle happen.
Your attention everyone is glad.
It affects your skill
And the extraordinary warmth,
However - it's just magic!
A low bow to you for humanity!
With gratitude Engovatovy Elena and Andrey. g.Uryupinsk

Comments: Due to Olga Alexeyevna Kurskova and all clinic personnel for special treatment to everyone! We at first !!! times and everything was wonderful kids were born: a son and a daughter. May God give you all the warmth, love, health, every moment of life! We want more children, and only come to you! Erdal and Akzharkyn. Uralsk.
Many thanks to all the staff of the Center for Reproduction and my family doctor Solomennikova LL for long-awaited pregnancy. I can not express my gratitude, I wish good luck to all the staff, labor, success, happiness, prosperity and health. Julia. Saratov.
Many thanks to our beloved and respected Lilia Leonidovna Solomennikova for the joy and happiness that we have gained through this wonderful doctor. Let our good doctor, and all will be well in a career and in life. Thank you very much for everything ... Elena and Alexei Pavlov.
I want to express my gratitude, Solomennikova Lilia Leonidovna, wonderful, attentive and professional experts, for the preparation and conduct of IVF !!! Thanks to her, our daughter was born! Before turning to the center of the reproduction I walked a lot of doctors who treated not the disease. Only when I conducted a survey, which was really necessary to determine the cause of infertility. Lilia Leonidovna wish good health! And further success in her professional work !!! Olga.
Our dear doctor, Dmitry G.! Thank you very much for the wonderful sonny! We wish you all the best and success in your excellent work! Family Popov.
I want to thank Dmitry G. Smooth over attentive, understanding and support., For what the doctor clearly and professionally conducted a survey of my husband. For 5 years of ordeal at different clinics and doctors, we finally understood the reason why not become pregnant. Now preparing for IVF. I would also like to say thank you for the absolutely painless done by hysteroscopy and human attitude towards me. Julia P.
Good afternoon! I want to thank Kulinskaya Ekaterina (Head of the Center for Human Reproduction) for carrying out the procedure metrosalpingography. So much has been read horrible reviews about this procedure! But in reality: no terrible sensations mega quiet and friendly attitude physician, as well as her assistant (unfortunately I do not remember the names of ((((do this procedure almost pleasant! The clinic I started to serve not so long ago, but I want to note the highest level service! Thank you for such a miracle in our glorious city of Saratov! Guryanova Hope M.
Dear Olga! Thank you very much, embryology, Dmitry V. and Catherine E., and all the medical staff of the Center for the Fine TRIPLE our happiness, for our miracle - our dochenek - Sophia, Elizabeth and Alexander !!! Thank you, Olga, because with us believed in our success, helped to overcome all difficulties and go with us all the long way to the fulfillment of the dream. You have helped us to become parents! Gave us the meaning of life! Now we grow great, is healthy, the most wonderful in the world of triplets! It's hard to put into words our gratitude to all of you! Let all the good and happiness that you give people back to you a hundredfold! May the Lord bless you! With respect and love, happy family Sidorina, Volgograd.
I want to express my gratitude to those skilled Clinic Center Edition, in particular Kurskovoy OA and Embryology, for the success of IVF, after which came the long-awaited pregnancy. Sincerely, Svitnev S.N.
Hello dear Lily L.! I would like to express to you all my heart and center staff reproduction thanks for that, thanks to you we now have a wonderful son Zakhar (03/06/2014). Thank you for the gift from happiness !!!!! Marina.
Many thanks to Reproductology Gladkih Dmitry G. for helping us to become parents. We wish you continued success in their work, may God give you health, happiness and good results in the treatment of infertility. Sincerely Bashkirov and Edward Allen. Pregnancy 13 weeks.
We heartily congratulate you on the Day of Medical Worker Kurskova Alekseevnu Olga and her team. I wish you success in your work, good health and grateful patients! Yours Natalia Nyrka
Thank you very much thank my doctors Glebov, VA And Kulinskaya EA I hope . in the near future I will write a review with the long-awaited result. A low bow , and God grant patience and good health! Anna
We would like to express my gratitude to the Center of the reproduction, in particular , Kulinskaya Ekaterina happy for the opportunity that provided us center staff - or rather, my husband after ten fruitless attempts to get pregnant yet become happy parents, our daughter grows and makes us happy ! ! ! ! For this we want to express my gratitude Ekaterina and all the staff the center, may God grant you good health, long life and fruitful work! Sincerely Anna and Vadim Zagainova ! ! !

Grateful Solomennikova LL and smooth DG for their professionalism and sensitivity and kindness to patients and their care and a huge thank you to the nurse who helped Natasha Gladkih DG during office hysteroscopy procedure which I did 31 January 2014 Mr. god grant you your health and your loved ones. Oksana Rakhmetova . Engels

I would like to express my gratitude to highly skilled clinic Paramonov for sincerity , sensitivity to their patients . I wish you , dear doctors, nurses, all the light , kind . Special thanks to my physicians - Kulinskaya EA and MV Fadeyeva Thank you and kowtow . Denisova S.O

We are grateful to the doctor Kulinskaya Ekaterina , for their sensitivity , professionalism and the result of ( a son) . family Alekseevyh

Thank you so much Lily Leonidovna Solomennikova for the miracle that happened to us , and which is growing every day to the delight of mom and dad . I wish you luck and patience. I know that all who believe in success , succeed! Sometimes, if the goal is unattainable , we can not abandon it , and look for new ways to achieve it. All desire happiness. Elena , Vitaliy.

I am grateful to the doctors clinic for their hard work . In particular , we note Kulinskaya Ekaterina as an excellent doctor. After her treatment , I refused IVF and she could get pregnant. And now I have a wonderful daughter ! Thank you so much ! Dukovski EA
I say thank you very much for the presented Solomennikova LL hope to become parents , and express great thanks to all the staff of the Center Edition . Thank you very much we will wait for the birth of their lapulechek . Total of all, you only good in the New 2014! Kunaeva Svetlana .
Many thanks Kurskova Olga for what gave me the most important thing in my life - my daughter Masha! This is a very attentive, friendly people. Professional in his field! Thank you for your excellent work and patience! dive Natalya.

I want to thank your doctor Solomennikova L.L.Eto sensitive and caring person. We wish you health and success in your work! Elena and Maxim.
Many thanks to the doctors of the clinic for their hard work . In particular , we note Kulinskaya Ekaterina as an excellent doctor and a good person . Thank you so much ! Natalia and Mihail
Olga! Thank you for this miracle! Best regards. Vukolova family. Nizhnevartovsk
Many thanks Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna! For making our dream come true, support, professionalism, related both to her own daughter. We were born synochki-twins. Those who are only at the beginning - Believe it or tune in for the best, that all happen and dreams come true! Svetlana, Saratov.
I would like to say a huge thank you to all the specialists clinic workers, particularly careful, dear, kind, intelligent doctor Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna. For your attention, for your work. I wish you good health in the first place, let everything always turns out. Galina, Mihail.

We would like to thank Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna! Thank you for the realization of our cherished dreams! Becoming a parent! We wish you good health, happiness, success in business! Thank you! Julia, Andrew
Dear Lily L., I really thank you for the kind of happiness that I get it. You gave us a very great happiness. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism. Are you a doctor from God, all women giving happiness. We wish you good health, success in business to make your clinic flourished more and more. Many thanks to you and all the staff. Lipetsk. Acknowledgement from the family Bsharyan.
I want to express my deep gratitude to the Center for Reproduction and especially Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna! Thank you for your help to become parents, thank you for understanding, for a personal touch for your kindness! Wish you all the best! Prosperity, health! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Kireyeva NV Saratov.

Hello my favorite doctor! Lily L., thank you very much for the happiness that you gave me. I became a mother of twins. Victoria 2680 gr. Daniel and 2380 g. - Healthy and strong kids. Gave birth to herself, though delivery was heavy, lasted 43 hours. The hospital was only 5 days. Again I want to sincerely say thank you. On my page there are photos of my kiddies. All the best. Irina Egorova.

Heartfelt thanks to the staff reproduction center clinic Paramonov, and especially Lily Leonidovna Solomennikova for the most precious gift to us-our son Igor. We now know where in the world is a wonderful corner, giving warmth, love, hope and joy. This is the place where you are! Our family will never forget you! Natalia, Garik and Igorechek.
I would like to thank all the staff of the center, but especially Kulinskaya EA Thanks to you we were born welcome kids, our rodnulki our synochki-twins ... Thank you very much for your professional, responsive attitude. We wish you happiness, good health to you and your loved ones ... SV Voronezh oblast.
I'm so glad I finally became a happy woman. I'm a mother. Many thanks Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna for her work and for her human and kind attitude towards me. It has become a very dear person to me. Her I will never forget. Thank you to all the staff of the center of the reproduction Asiatryan NC
I would like to say thank you to all the staff of the center of the reproduction clinics Paramonov and in particular Kurskova Olga. After 5.5 years of infertility, in September 2012. We are the parents of a wonderful boy Sasha. And now we're pregnant again! Miracles do happen. You have to believe! Family Zaitsevs. 
May God grant you good health I am very grateful to all the staff of the Center for Reproduction, especially my doctor Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna. We have been waiting for this very moment, and waited. Of course, we have only just begun the pregnancy, but I know that we have a healthy baby will be born. I wish you long life, good health and all the best. Natalia and Aleksey.
I want to thank the entire staff of the center of the reproduction in the first place Solomennikova LL For his kindness, attention and patience. I'm just at the beginning, I hope, will end the birth of healthy children. We wish continued success, good luck and good health. Always stay the same responsive, friendly. Tatyana.
I am very grateful to all the staff and especially the reproduction center doctor Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna. We were looking forward to this moment, and waited. Of course pregnancy has just begun, but I know that we have a healthy baby will be born. I wish you long life, good health and all the best. Natalia. Saratov rayon
Dear Olga! (Kurskova). You are the best doctor who gave great hope to many couples! I wish you great happiness, health, prosperity, love! Happiness to you and your loved ones! Rimma.
Dear Lily L.! (Solomennikova), I took you IVF protocol in 2005-2006. I have a beautiful daughter was born. Thank you very much. Tatyana.

I want to thank Dr. Solomennikova happiness she has helped us gain for our long awaited baby. Thank You Lily L., with all my heart for your good hands, professionalism, support, and most importantly for this wonderful "result". Health to you, good luck, patience, and a little more grateful patsientov.
Dear Olga and all the staff of the clinic thank you so much! Well-being, health and all the best to you! Thank you so much for our little daughter. This is our most happy year! Masha in the New Year was 10 months old. Family Vukolova, Nizhnevartovsk.
I would like to thank Olga Kurskova Alekseevnu to the hope that she instilled in me and for the happiness she has given us, for our son Bogdan! We are very much going to happiness of motherhood and fatherhood, and always next to us was Olga, she became a family man! Olga, God grant you health, happiness and all the best, you are giving families happiness of which many dream. Hundreds of thousands of times "THANK YOU". Olesya.
Kulinsky Ekaterina Ekaterina, hello! Our daughter was born 05/03/2013, 55 cm height, weight 3680, we're home, we are fine. Thank you very much!
In the hospital, I came to Paramonov Solomennikova Lilies Leonidovna. Thank you for what you gave me the hope to become a mother, and now we are waiting for the baby. Lily L., I am grateful that for the whole period of stay in the hospital, I felt truly your motherly care to help at the right time does not give up and go forward to a positive outcome. A huge thank you for your kindness, expertise, hands, bestowing life! I want to say to all those who have not waited for his happiness, "Believe, seek, try, and do not despair! And in your home will ring children's laughter, and every day will be permeated with joy! "

Many thanks to your clinic from family Fefelova, at one time helped us to become a mom and dad Olga V. Kruttsova. Baby is 2 years old. A low bow to you! Olga
Our family expresses gratitude to Olga Alexeevna Kurskovoy! In my hometown, I could not help anybody. But Olga was able to! We now have a wonderful husband, growing son, which is already 2 years old! Anastasia.
Thanks to all medical staff in clinics conducted by IVF in January 2011., Especially thank you Solomennikovoy LL Thanks to all of you my husband appeared Darin and Andrew. I am very grateful to you for everything. Marina, Engels.
Viktor! More than 10 years, I have an employee of a public authority, deal with complaints from residents of Saratov region. Some of them contain complaints against health professionals.
But on a personal example, I can say that there are many fine doctors, dedicated, who want to say a big human "Thank you". One of these - Kulinskaya Ekaterina, MD Center for Human Reproduction Clinic Doctor Paramonov.
Professional, discreet, indifferent - it is always ready to listen and help. "The doctor - this is not a profession but a vocation, a state of mind" - that's how I allow myself to say about Ekaterina Alexandrovna.
My opinion is shared by other patients who come to the E.A.Kulinskoy required for help and advice.
On the eve of International Women's Day the most kind words addressed to the doctor. A charming woman and her colleagues sincerely wish every success in the professional field, focus, colors and smiles! Mutual love, prosperity, family comfort!
Thank you, Victor, for the selection of competent personnel in the hospital headed by you.
At the same time I would be grateful for the consideration of the possibility of application to the EA Kulinsky one of the incentives for work, under current legislation. Kalinin.

Dear and beloved members Clinic Paramonova. Our whole family is grateful to you for what you have that in a difficult moment is where to go, that there is hope for healing, you are giving everything, without exception, his patient. We know that the clinic each month, held church services. We hope that the Lord helps you in your difficult, but such a noble cause. With all my heart want to congratulate you on one of the oldest festivals of the Church - Baptism of the Lord.
From Epiphany congratulate
And the joy and light you want it!
Let the Lord protects from harm
With your eyes Caring he pulls!
Family Tarasovs Engels.

Dear Viktor and all the staff clinic Paramonova. I heartily congratulate you on baptism - a holiday of purification and renewal, I wish that your life has become brighter and cleaner, to grace descended on your home and, of course, the clinic Paramonova to all your loved ones healthy and happy! Olga V. Alferov. Uralsk. Of Kazakhstan. 
I want to express my gratitude Kulinsky Ekaterina, embryology, nurses, all-all. Thank you very much for for your professionalism, care, sensitivity and sensitivity in dealing with such sensitive issues. I wish you health, further and many successes in your hard and amazing work!  Elena, Zhirnovsk
Thank you very much! Thanks to you and your clinic in our family there was a long-awaited daughter, "big-eyed wonder" named Masha. May God give you health! Svetlana and Dmitry. Penza region.
Valery, thanks to your clinical skills made possible the birth of our long-awaited baby - it's true happiness! Big personal thanks to you and the entire hospital staff! Elena and Sergey. 
Distinguished members of JSC Clinic Paramonova. I am very pleased with the remarkable attitude of doctors and the entire staff. I would also like to thank you for that answer all our questions (I am writing to you not the first time). Of Victoria.
Thank you to all the staff of the Center for Human Reproduction Clinic Doctor Paramonov. In particular - Kulinsky Ekaterina for everything she does. Since she reacted to my problem, nobody anywhere does not cover any Kamyshin, nor in Volgograd, as well as I approached, and in private clinics! Ekaterina has given me hope and helped to get rid of depression, which I got after visiting other specialists. Only here have helped me! Here are the best team and qualified experts! Elena Kamyshin
For the hundredth time already convinced of the fact that you are simply the best clinics, and your motto is fully justified. The doctors are wonderful, funny, you know. Was pleasantly surprised when I saw the news about Call-Center. Continued success! Clinic Clinic Paramonova best! Anna
I want to again thank our dear Kurskovoy Olga Alexeyevna and all hospital staff. Thank you so much for our happiness-daughter Masha. We are the happy parents. Alexander and Albina. Nizhnevartovsk.
My doctor at tsenre - Kulinsky Ekaterina. This is the best doctor in the area of ​​reproduction in the city. Very correct, kind and considerate. On all questions are answered in detail and is available. Lovely people. And most importantly, thanks to her I have a small miracle that calls me MOMMY. Just adore your work! You just have to trust your doctor your best and then everything will turn out. Clinic beautiful, especially the Center for Reproduction. All the doctors and professionals. Have excelled in the field of reproduction. At the heart reigns just incredibly friendly atmosphere, encouraging faith to achieve his goal. Thank you to all the staff at the center of a warm welcome.
I want to thank the doctors of the Center for Human Reproduction Clinic Paramonova. We could not get pregnant a few years. Visited many hospitals - but all to no avail. Where we just did not apply - and in Samara, and Moscow, were examined in Volgograd. But could only help me in the clinic Paramonova. A special thanks I would like to express Kurskovoy Olga, she had "golden hands", as well as the entire staff, not only the Centre but the whole hospital. Now we are looking forward to the birth of our baby. Lala. Volga.

Hello! I am seen at the Center for Reproduction Paramonov. I would like to thank the very good and attentive doctor, and very sensitive, wonderful person - Olga Alexeyevna Kurskovoy. Thanks to her, I was able to be well prepared for pregnancy and easy enough to overcome all the complications that I encountered during the preparation during the trudnovygovarivaemogo word "pregravidarnaya training." If all doctors were as attentive, polite, friendly and professional ... Kamyshin, Ina. 
My husband and I have seen the best doctors in the world, not for a moment doubt that we will succeed. We look forward to the day when the ultrasound shows our baby. Lily L. - Are you a doctor from God, and health to you all the best!Inna
We sincerely thank Ekaterina Kulinsky! Thanks to this happy event happened in our lives - the birth of son Vanya. He was already nine months. We are very happy! Ekaterina, salaam for your hard work, kindness, compassion towards patients. A.
klinika very good, our doctor Kulinsky EA, with the doctors I have never met nor where ............, it very carefully, correct, good-naturedly. as a result of our treatment, I have two wonderful daughters and long-awaited twins and we are now 9 months old. I'm happy and thanks Kulinsky EA, bow low to her !!!!! Julia,
Dear Dr. Reproduction Center Paramonov, thanks to your help, support and care we will have a wonderful kid. I would like to heartily thank you for your work for consideration for the fact that support the most critical moment, have helped and gave rise to our new life. Thank you for all you health and prosperity. Thank you to all the staff N.
I am seen at the Center for Reproduction at the Clinic Paramonov, only positive impressions. And his friends suggest that center. I like the approach of doctors and general attitude of all staff of the Centre. Everything is very attentive, friendly and caring. Those who choose IVF clinic, highly recommend! My doctor Olga, her great thanks for everything! Marina, Balakovo,
Observed in Kulinsky EA Ekaterina reacted to my difficult situation with understanding. It is attentive, not to miss a single detail, polite, tactful, very kind and affectionate. Attitude to patients - like children. Conducts very thorough examination. After her feel calmer, and even mood rises, you forget about all the bad things and think only of good. Reception at it - the joy, because it is very bright man. The most-the best doctor! Natasha Rtishchevo,
Olga! A low bow and a deep appreciation for your work. You give families not only hope, faith, and wonderful kids. Thank you very much for your attention, sympathy, kindness and professionalism. May God give you health, let keep you and your family. Sincerely, Anton, Penza region,

The question of where to go if you really want a baby, and all - after all, very serious, because you actually trust your doctor the possibility of their future motherhood. For me the question where to go, was not. Centre for Reproduction, first, in hospital Paramonov, and it's all said, secondly, the doctors of the center are among the first to start deal with problems of infertility, and this - a great experience, and thirdly, the attitude there towards patients, such that once converted, will never go anywhere else not only to them. The fact that I would soon become a mother, I owe these wonderful doctors. Thank you for everything.Anastasia, Volgograd

My husband and I would like to express my gratitude Kulinsky Ekaterina! Thanks to her professionalism, we hope soon to become parents. We follow her advice in everything! She managed to psychologically adjust properly my husband and me scrupulous examination and treatment. After the first of its advice, we have hope! Thank you very much for all this! "Ivanov", Penza region,
Observed in the center of reproduction clinic in Saratov Paramonov and very happy: a modern approach to each patient, such care and attention not found in one center. Many thanks to all-everything: from the registry, ending Reproduction Clinic: Thank you Olga Alexeyevna (head center), but special thanks to Lila Leonidovna. Oksana, Volgograd. 
Clinic workers Paramonova! We congratulate you on your professional holiday - Day of Medical Workers! Your work is akin to a miracle. You do not expose the most expensive, once given to man - the life and health, and sometimes give a chance to "born again" into the light. In medicine, there are no random people, and the more they are not in your clinic. You - the real professionals who have extensive knowledge, talent, golden hands and caring hearts. Your job is difficult, but noble. Please accept my best wishes of health, but success and good luck, great happiness! Family Kamenevs, Engels,

Cure, to save - what could be more important?
Humane, whose work will be?
Whose hands can be stronger and more tender?
Whom to ask for help and call?
The doctor gives us a good hope,
He collects grains of faith.
There is a risk, a risk before
And his duty to the end he sings.
We wish you a fact for which there is a struggle,
Health to you in the difficult task and patience!
Do not know the bad decisions never
Choosing their path in a moment of doubt!
Thank you all, all employees' Clinic Paramonov, "for what they have, for the fact that there is a clinic where they can apply to any issue at any time.
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