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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Image Donation of sperm and egg cells. We invite you to cooperate

     Donation is one of the humanitarian activities of people. Some diseases, both men and women is that they lose the ability to formulate their own sexual cells. In these cases, and conducted the program using IVF donor sperm or eggs.
      Donation of germ cells anonymously. However, it is not prohibited by the relatives or friends of patients to be donors. But the criteria for selection of donor is very strict. A thorough survey on the availability of therapeutic, mental health and sexually transmitted diseases. Age limits for men 20-40 years old, for women to 34 years. Female donor must have one or more children. Between donors and the medical center is a contract under which the donor is required to observe a certain way of life and is responsible for the consequences of violation of contractual obligations, and Medical Center is committed to pay compensation to donors for their cooperation.
      The need for donor cells is growing every year.
Center for Human Reproduction clinic doctor Paramonova asked to respond young and healthy people and help many couples to experience the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood.
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