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Friday, 13 March 2015

ImageAt the Center for Reproduction Clinic Paramonov launched new diagnostic programs: express-analysis assessing the maturity of sperm and electron microscopic examination of sperm, allowing to diagnose anatomical and genetic causes of failure of fertilization.

1. NVA- test - a rapid analysis to assess the maturity of sperm. Morphologically mature sperm cells are characterized by a range of qualities necessary for normal fertilization and subsequent embryo development, including:
- Low levels of DNA fragmentation,
- Low frequency of aneuploidy,
- The ability of binding to the shell of the egg. For successful fertilization binding index should be at least 60%.

2. EMIS - Electron microscopic examination of sperm. This technique uses a microscope magnification 100 000 times, opening up opportunities to diagnose anatomical and genetic causes of failure of fertilization IVF-ICSI in cases when it is necessary to choose the method of artificial insemination.
In some cases, the recommended EMIS?
· If the cause of male infertility is not clear, and semen analysis was the one norm.
· If the history of the couple was interrupted early pregnancy (miscarriage or missed abortion)
· In the case of the preparation of the couple to artificial insemination (IISM, IVF-ICSI)
· Any pathology ejaculate (oligo, asteno, theratozoospermia).
When an evaluation is made EMIS sperm parameters 45, including viruses within germ cells that, in turn, may influence the further development of the embryo.

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