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Question: Hello ... after taking eskapel 2 days later revealed bleeding. BUT only when urinating, which is due upon completion of the cutting pain. So it was 2 days, but it went for 3 and 4 (today) again started, only stronger. Often, I run to the bathroom, and itching. help ... Angelina
obstetrician gynecologist meets the highest category Serdyukov Nikolai: Dear Angelina, the side effects of drug Eskapel: an allergic reaction: possible - hives, rashes, itching, swelling of the face. Part of the digestive system: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. CNS: fatigue, headache, dizziness. Part of the reproductive system: abdominal pain, acyclic bleeding (bleeding) breast tenderness, missed period (no more than 5-7 days). If menstruation is delayed for a longer period is necessary to exclude pregnancy. We recommend that you seek an appointment with a gynecologist and urologist. After the inspection and necessary doobsledovaniya doctor choose a treatment plan. You can contact specialists of our clinic. We are always ready and happy to help. Make an appointment by phone. 8-8452-66-03-03, 66-27-03, 66-27-04, 66-27-05.

Question: Hello. I have this problem: the 13th week of pregnancy, I made the first ultrasound. Anentsefaliyu found in the fetus and recommend termination of pregnancy. After I had an abortion, I was told that before the next conception with my husband to be screened for karyotype. Prompt me please on two issues: 1. Because of what could be a defect in the fetus? 2 What is the purpose of the survey on the karyotype, which will change after this? Svetlana
reproductive system is responsible doctor of higher category Solomennikova Lily L.: Dear Svetlana, anencephaly is a gross malformation of the brain - the absence of the cerebral hemispheres, the cranial vault bones and soft tissue, formed as a result of violation of the formation of neural tube defects during the period of 21-28 days of pregnancy . In order to prevent anencephaly recommended medico-genetic counseling, one of the stages of which is to determine the karyotype of the parents.

Question: Hello. I have asthma. I am pregnant at the 12th week. Please tell me if I could make inhaled salbutamol. And if he is not harmful to the child. Thank you. Yours Oksana.
 reproductive system is responsible doctor of higher category Kurskova Olga: Dear Oksana, salbutamol is contraindicated for threatened miscarriage in I and II trimesters of pregnancy, premature detachment of the placenta, bleeding or toxemia in the III trimester of pregnancy. If necessary, the use of salbutamol during pregnancy should be related to the potential benefits of treatment for the mother and the potential risk to the fetus. At present, insufficient data on the safety of salbutamol in early pregnancy. Salbutamol is excreted in breast milk, so if you need to use during lactation should also assess the potential benefits of treatment for the mother and the potential risk to the child.

Question: Hello. Can you make sperm, how much would it be? Can I bring it from home?
physician responsible reproductive system of the highest category Kulinsky Ekaterina: Hello, Tatiana. Sperm is best to take the analysis of semen in the same room where the lab. Since any cooling or heating of sperm may distort the validity of the semen. Collect sperm need only to glassware. The cost of the study sostayalyaet 500 rubles. (Simple) and 2,100 rubles. (Extended semen). To the semen was the most objective must be made within three or four days before the date of analysis for sperm to refrain from sexual activity. In preparation for the study of sperm can not take alcohol. Semen can distort and medications. For three or four days before semen can overheat, sweating in the sauna, take a bath (shower only warm). To investigate the sperm is important to get all the portions of ejaculate (sperm selection) completely. And the last - at least three times to make sperm at intervals of two weeks to accurately evaluate the fertilizing capacity of sperm.

Q: Hello! Please tell me I had a second cesarean, I wrote a statement on tubal ligation, but I'm pregnant again. Can doctors do not wrap the pipe, or any interest after a tubal ligation, which is not pregnant. I am 23 years. Thank you. Tatiana
 physician responsible reproductive system of the highest category Kurskova Olga: Dear Victor, female surgical sterilization - a reliable contraceptive effect occurs immediately after surgery. Failed transactions are extremely rare, and very rarely has resumed tubal patency. In the first year after sterilization, pregnancy occurs in 0.2-0.4% of cases (in most cases of ectopic pregnancy after sterilization), in subsequent years, much less.

Q: Hello! I have a two-horned uterus, and by coincidence, 2 years ago had an abortion. Please tell me what are my chances of getting pregnant, is it possible to do surgery on the uterus?
reproductive system is responsible doctor of higher category Solomennikova Lily L.: Degree antlered may vary: - saddle uterus, incomplete antlered; full doubling. In the two-horned uterus increases risk of preterm birth and of various pathologies of pregnancy - placenta previa, low its placement, malposition of the fetus. All this complicates the normal course of pregnancy and is threatening complications during childbirth, including a violation of contractile activity of uterine muscles. Miscarriage in most cases occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. Normal growth of the embryo prevents the small amount of uterine cavity - the horns, the lack of blood supply in the area of ​​its walls, isthmic-cervical insufficiency. The indication for the rapid restoration of the integrity of the uterine cavity - laparotomy is customary miscarriage, where the woman was unable to bear two or more consecutive pregnancy. Surgical intervention can significantly reduce the risk of miscarriage in the future. However, pregnancy and childbirth, women may proceed quite normally.

Question: Hello! I would like to know how effective contraception lactational amenorrhea. Thank you. Ira
responsible Kurskova Olga - the highest category physician reproductive system. Dear Irina, Lactational amenorrhea method (absence of menstruation due to breastfeeding) is based on the suppression of prolactin (a hormone that promotes milk production) processes of maturation and release of the egg. This means that ovulation does not occur, the egg is not ready for fertilization. But there are some very important conditions and method can be used by women only if:
- Did not resume menstruation (postnatal discharge are not considered menstruation);
- Postpartum no more than 6 months;
- The child is fully breastfeeding, ie, receives only breast milk, is acceptable proportion (about 15%) in the diet of baby juice and so on;
- The interval between feedings is not more than 3 hours during the day and 6 hours at night;
- Breastfeeding started within hours after birth;
- The child does not suck a pacifier;
- My mother did not express and do not feed the baby expressed milk.
If these conditions are not met, preventing in this way is impossible.

Q: Can you get pregnant while taking the drug, "Cyclo-proginova"?
Thank you in advance for your reply. Julia
 reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kurskova Olga: Dear Julia, cyclo-proginova is not a contraceptive and does not protect against pregnancy

Q: Please tell me whether the IUD cause infertility? It will not be any problems with conceiving? What side effects may be of a spiral? Thanks in advance! Olga
Responsible physician reproductive system of the highest category Kulinsky Ekaterina: Dear Olga, before installing spiral specialists perform a thorough examination to identify patients with contraindications for this type of contraception. In their absence the IUD is safe for women. However, there are disadvantages of this method: much worse menstrual bleeding and pain in the first few months after the Navy. Application of the Navy can not prevent all ectopic pregnancies. IUDs do not protect against infections and reproductive tract diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, moreover, the IUD may increase the risk of inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs, causing infertility. In addition, you can not do stop using this type of contraception, as necessary to remove the spiral interference doctor

Question: Why is assigned stimulyatsmya ovulation, and how it is done in practice? Helena
responsible physician reproductive system of the highest category Kurskova Olga: Dear Helen, in ovary, healthy women of reproductive age during the menstrual cycle, one follicle matures. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs and the release of an egg from the follicle into the abdominal cavity. In that case, if a woman has broken the process of maturation of the follicle and ovulation, respectively, carried stimulation of ovulation. To do this, be appointed special medications - inducers of ovulation. During ovulation stimulation is very important point is to conduct an ultrasound monitor, that is, the control of maturation of the follicle on ultrasound apparatus. This allows you to adjust the treatment plan in a timely manner to avoid such side effects. Frequency ultrasound treatment program for an average of 2-3 times. During each inspection (monitoring) is carried out counting the number of growing follicles, measuring the diameter and thickness determination of the mucous membrane of the uterus.

Question: Hello. heard about your clinic. we have a problem with my husband. during sperm sperm were found, although all other indicators, such as viscosity, PH, and the rest were normal. we do not live unprotected third year. may we be without the intervention of a child? whether the husband's sperm to recover? him for 37 years. I have children there. Lydia
reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kulinsky Ekaterina: Dear Lydia, secretory azoospermia - no sperm production in the testes. Ekstkretornaya azoospermia develops in the seminiferous tract obstruction, although the testes sperm production is preserved. The most accurate measure of reproductive system state man and his chances to achieve fertilization in any way is to puncture the testicle or epididymis. When exactly is defined as a puncture state of the epithelium of the seminiferous tubules, and the concentration of sperm in the testis, as well as their degree of maturity. In identifying obstruction doctor about the chances for rapid solution to the problem - an microsurgical intervention. The specialists of our clinic tend to maximize the chances of the patient's own sperm fertilization - either insemination, IVF or IVF + ICSI. and only in very severe cases, the doctor has to recommend couples to resort to donor sperm insemination.

Q: Please answer a 2003g.po my desire was sterilization, have 1 child, mne42goda, it so happened that at this stage, the desire to have a baby if I could in some way to help? thank you in advance for your reply and I hope at least a tiny hope of success. Irina
responsible Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, the highest category gynecologist Baranova Nina Kiramovna: Hi, Irina. Female sterilization is a surgical blocking of the Fallopian tubes to prevent sperm fusion with the egg. This can be achieved by ligating (ligation), use of special clamps or rings, or electrocoagulation fallopian tubes. Before making a decision to carry out surgical repair of the Fallopian tubes are usually performed a laparoscopy to determine their status, as well as to determine the state of the reproductive system as a woman and her husband. In most cases, the operation is considered to be ineffective in the presence of at least 4 cm of the uterine tube. Maximum efficiency operation has a reversible sterilization method after the application of clamps, with operations affected by these small segment of the fallopian tube (only 1 cm), which facilitates the restoration of tubal patency. In the case of tubal rings damaged segment of fallopian tube length of 3 cm and the efficiency of plastic surgery is 75%. When electrocautery is damaged segment of the uterine tube length of approximately 3 to 6 cm in failure indications on plastic surgery, you can resort to in vitro fertilization method.

Question: Good day! Tell me, can you, with the help of 3D ultrasound to determine the sex of the child at 16-17 weeks of pregnancy? Of course, if your child does not turn away and stop myself to do it. Natalia
responsible physician ultrasound diagnosis of the highest category Yastrebova Tamara: Dear Natalie, the identification of child's sex is only possible from the 15th week of pregnancy. Definition of a boy is to detect the scrotum and penis, girls - in the visualization of the labia majora. One of the errors in the identification of sex of the baby is taking a loop of umbilical cord or fetal fingers over the penis. Sometimes the girls in utero observed passing of time swelling of the labia, which are mistaken for testicles. There are cases when the fetus is "hiding" behind manhood tightly clenched legs and because of his excessive modesty, "call names" girl. The optimal time to answer the question cherished - 23-25 ​​weeks of pregnancy. The fruit is mobile enough and patient perseverance ultrasound doctor is likely to show who he was. At term (37 weeks), sex determination of the child is difficult because of its large size and low mobility.

Question: Hello, I'm 25 years old, abortion, and pregnancy was not. On the second day of the MC on ultrasound diagnosed with submucous uterine fibroids node 25-28 mm. Please tell me whether it is possible pregnancy with such data? In advance, thank you. Helena
 reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Solomennikova Lily L.: Dear Helen, submucosa (submucous) fibroids is an indication for surgical treatment. The question of the amount of surgery and surgical approach is decided individually. It depends on the woman's age, her desire to preserve fertility and menstrual function, size and type of submucosal myoma node, clinical manifestations and complications associated gynecologic and extragenital pathology. Possible as organ (myomectomy) and radical (hysterectomy) surgery. Operations can be performed as a traditional access (chrevosechenie) and endoscopic access (laparoscopic, hysteroscopic).

Question: Why do we study antimyullerovskogo hormone and when to implement it? Olga
responsible physician reproductive system of the highest category Kurskova Olga: Olga dear, the content of AMH in serum is directly related to the content of antral follicles, that is based on data analysis can assess the status of ovarian reserve. We also show that the lower the content of this hormone in the blood, the worse the ovarian response to the ongoing stimulation of ovulation. Antimyullerov hormone can be used not only to assess the status of ovarian reserve, but also to assess the pathophysiological state of the ovaries, for example, to confirm the presence of polycystic ovaries, since this disease is increased pool of antral follicles of small size. This rate may not only be a marker for the presence of the disease, but also the criteria that allow one to assess the severity of disturbances in polycystic ovaries.
AMH level data used in preparation for the ART in order to objectively assess the state of the ovaries, as well as selecting the correct protocol of stimulation.

Q: How do you determine whether ovulation has occurred or not? Helena
 reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kurskova Olga: Dear Helen, in Ovulation appear transient abdominal pain in the middle of the menstrual cycle. In this case the woman may receive an increased libido and mucus, which is associated with a high content of female sex hormones.
You can measure the basal temperature in the rectum. Measured with ordinary thermometer in the morning after waking up, without getting out of bed in the same time, introducing the thermometer to a depth of 4-5 cm data are entered in the temperature graph (vertical axis - the temperature, the horizontal - the day of the menstrual cycle). On the chart we can see that before the rise of temperature (0,2-0,4 º) observed short of its slump. Time between the ups and downs (12 hours before the increase) and coincides with the time of ovulation. By this method to pinpoint the time of ovulation can only run at a constant schedule for several months.
The next and most accurate method - an ultrasound, which is conducted surveillance of the growth and development of the follicle and to determine the moment of its rupture (ovulation).
Laboratory confirmation of ovulation can be done at home using special test strips that define the presence of luteinizing hormone (LH) in urine. Tests carried out 2 times a day from 9 to 15 days of the menstrual cycle. A positive result indicates that ovulation occurs approximately 16 - 28 hours.

Question: Hello! Can you please do a pregnancy care center reproductive system in the event of a positive outcome after IVF programs? If yes, how much does it cost? If not, do not tell where in the Saratov do IVF pregnancies, but do not want to go to the LCD to the layperson. Irina
 reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kurskova Olga: Dear Irene, in the "Clinic Paramonova" shall provide advice to pregnant women with a pregnancy of 5 to 40 weeks obstetrician gynecologist highest category Dementieva Lyudmila Ivanovna psihoprofilakticheskaya help women, "the school his father" , individual psychological support to pregnant women, etc.) It is possible to observe during the whole pregnancy (in parallel with the observation in the antenatal clinic). For details and an appointment by phone: (8-8452) 03.03.66, 66-27-03, 66-27-04, 66-27-05.

Question: Hello. Measure the basal temperature for the first time, from the fifth day of the cycle up to 10, 36.3-36.4, then dropped to 36.1 and then 36.4 holds. please tell me, is this normal? or is there any deviations? Hope.
meets the highest category gynecologist Serdyukov Nikolai Ivanovich: Dear Hope, during the first phase of BT is below 37 degrees. Furthermore, ovulation occurs - about 12-16 days of the menstrual cycle. On the eve of ovulation BT is dramatically reduced. Further, during ovulation and immediately after the BT is increased by 0.4-0.6 degrees. In the second phase of the basal temperature is usually kept at around 37 degrees and above. On the eve of menstruation and the early days of the cycle the basal temperature is again lowered by about 0.3 degrees, and it all starts over again. That is normal in every healthy woman should be fluctuations in basal body temperature (BT). If there is no ovulation and corpus luteum is not formed, produced by progesterone, the curve of basal body temperature (BT) is monotonic: there is no pronounced jumps or falls - ovulation does not occur, respectively, and pregnant women with a basal body temperature chart (BT) can not. Anovulatory cycle is normal in healthy women, if this cycle does not happen more often than once a year. Accordingly, during pregnancy and lactation and lack of ovulation is the norm. If all of the above apply to you and this situation repeats itself from cycle to cycle - you definitely need to turn to ginekologu.

Q: Hello! According to the results semen analysis showed no sperm. Please tell me this is amenable to treatment, and if I have children? Igor
reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kurskova Olga. Hello, Ivan! To clarify the diagnosis should be ultrasound examination, laboratory tests, medical examination. The absence of sperm may be associated with hormonal disorders, may be the outcome of inflammation of the prostate or testicles. Scar tissue can obstruct sperm. You may need to stimulate sperm or biopsy of the testicle, followed by in vitro fertilization. However, the question of tactics to achieve a pregnancy can be permanently resolved only when the internal consultation.

Question: Is it possible during IVF plan the sex of the baby? Daria
reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kulinsky Ekaterina: Dear Daria, planning future child's sex is forbidden by law. This is substantiated by the fact that this approach to the birth of the child will be upset the natural balance. Early prenatal sex selection is allowed only in case if there are compelling medical justification, for example, to avoid hemophilia (an inherited disease characterized by life-long violation of the mechanism of blood clotting), which occurs only in boys.

Question: We can say that if a regular sexual life without contraception pregnancy does not occur within a year, you should think about the possibility of infertility? Anna
reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kurskova Olga: Dear Anne, first of all it is useful to survey a man - this type of survey is cheaper and statistics causes of infertility are more likely to "male" problem. Unlike female infertility causes male reproductive system disorders are diagnosed easily. It's enough to hold semen - a full detailed analysis of sperm (physical properties, chemical and cellular composition, etc.), giving an opportunity to assess the ability of male fertility.

Question: Good day! I want to know whether you can take your clinic for a semen analysis, if so, be sure to collect the material at the clinic or at home can be and how much is this analysis? Tatiana
 reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kurskova Olga: Dear Tatiana, the sperm pass on the best analysis of semen in the same room where the lab. Since any cooling or agrevanie sperm may distort the validity of the permogrammy. Collect sperm need only to laboratory glassware. The cost of the study sostayalyaet 500 rubles. (Simple) and 2,100 rubles (extended semen). To the semen was the most objective must be made within three to four days before the date analysis on semen abstain from sexual activity. In preparation for the study of sperm should not take alcohol. Semen can distort and medications. For three or four days before semen can not be overheated, sweating in the sauna, take a bath (only a warm shower).
To investigate the sperm get all the important portions of the ejaculate (sperm selection) completely. And the last - at least three times to make sperm at intervals of two weeks to accurately judge the fertility spermy.

Q: Hello Olga! Please tell me what tests must pass in order to understand the cause of unsuccessful insemination?? Thank you in advance for your reply!! Irina
 meets the highest category doctor reprodutolog Kurskova Olga: Dear Irene, according to various sources, the efficiency of artificial insemination ranges from 3 to 35 percent, averaging 17 - 18%. To increase the chances of pregnancy after artificial insemination is necessary to observe several conditions:
1. Need to assess the patency of the fallopian tubes.
2. We have to check the parameters of semen analysis. If the sperm concentration below 10 million per 1 ml or their mobility is less than 25 percent, and the cells themselves have a poor morphology, and then from intrauterine insemination should be abandoned. And just to plan a program of IVF.
3. Has the age of the patient. The probability of pregnancy in older women of reproductive age is reduced even with good patency of the fallopian tubes, due to a gradual decline in the quality of eggs. Therefore, these patients in the absence of success in 1 - 3 attempts to make better use of more effective method - IVF.
Young patients, with tubal patency and the absence of any gynecological pathology can be performed intrauterine insemination in a natural cycle. However, a large number of studies proved the higher efficiency of insemination carried out against the background of ovarian stimulation.
The issue of additional doobsledovanii, go beyond the standard evaluation of patients before assisted reproduction, reproductive system takes the doctor in person examination and examine the results of the survey already. You can contact our Reproduction Center. We are always ready and happy to help. Make an appointment by phone. 8-8452-34-43-88.

Question: Hello, Lily L., please tell me if I could do IVF (in this stimulation Gonal-f, etc). If ultrasound breast cancer showed that I had a cyst in her right breast to 3-4mm. and left 5.8 mm.zaklyuchenie: Signs of fibrocystic mastopathy.
Responsible physician reproductive system of the highest category Solomennikova Lily L.: Hi, Lola. Fibro cystic breast is not a contraindication for IVF, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. If you have an ovarian hyperstimulation in IVF treatment is not recommended for mastitis. Hyperstimulation usually leads to increased symptoms of mastitis. Before IVF is necessary to pass examinations specialists, including mammologist.

Q: Dear doctor, please tell me, IVF ICSI pregnancy rate is higher than with just IVF? Thanks in advance! Natalia
 Responsible physician reproductive system of the highest category Kulinsky Ekaterina: Dear Natalia, ICSI (sperm injection) - a special form of in vitro fertilization, used in severe forms of male infertility. At low concentrations of motile sperm in the ejaculate is very low probability of fertilization. The main task - implementation of the sperm penetration through the shell of an egg - fertilization. For the success of ICSI's enough of a living unit in the ejaculate sperm. The indication is severe and autoimmune infertility in men with sperm antibodies titer in the semen of 50%. In this case, as a rule, the number of motile sperm significantly decreased. Sperm injection is used, also in low fertilization in previous attempts (fertilized less than 50%), as well as small quantities of eggs. Come to the Center for Human Reproduction, our specialists will be happy to assist you.

Q: Tell me, how accurate early diagnosis of pregnancy by means of tests and sure if I donate blood for hCG. Catherine
 reproductive system meets the highest category doctor Kurskova Olga: Dear Catherine, you can diagnose pregnancy and with the help of home pregnancy tests, definition, based on analysis of HGH released by c urine. But the reliability of the result of hCG produced "home" way, much lower than laboratory blood test HCG, as necessary for the diagnosis of hCG in the urine reached a few days later than in the blood. HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) or HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) - a special pregnancy hormone. The hormone hCG is produced by cells of chorion (shell of the embryo). Based on the analysis of blood on the b-hCG physician determines the presence of chorionic tissue in the body, which means - pregnant women. HCG blood test could allow early identification of pregnancy - is 6-10 days after fertilization, hCG result will be positive. Make a meaningful analysis of hCG and quickly at a convenient time for you you at the clinic of Dr. Paramonov. Phone 8-8452-66-03-03.

Q: Please tell me what time is IVF. Irina
Responsible physician reproductive system of the highest category Kurskova Olga: Dear Irina, stages IVF program:
Stage 1 - stimulation of superovulation. Doctor prescribes a special woman to drugs that stimulate the maturation of the ovaries is not the same as usual, and many eggs. Stimulation begins with 2-3 days of the cycle and lasts 12-15 days. With certain regularity doctor conducts ultrasound to determine the rate at which growing follicles. About 12 day cycle it is already possible to estimate how many days should occur ovulation. It was then and the next step.
Stage 2 - extract of mature eggs from the ovaries. To do this, hold the puncture of follicles. Under general anesthesia, a brief (3-4 minutes), a long needle under ultrasound pierce each in turn mature follicles and suck the liquid out of them all together with egg. Egg fertilized with sperm and treated with a husband or a donor (as provided in the program). Then, each egg is placed in a single cell and grown in a special incubator. Every day, all cells are browsing, filter out non-viable embryos, tend viable.
Stage 3 - 1-2-3 replanting of embryos in the uterus of the patient. This procedure is painless and takes 3-5 minutes. After replanting the woman is in the House for an hour, and then goes home.
2 weeks after embryo transfer into the uterus, blood test for HGH, which determines whether the pregnancy turned out.
The entire program of IVF in most cases takes 4 weeks: 11-13 days, stimulation of superovulation, Day 1 - puncture, 4-5 days - fertilization and embryo farming, Day 1 - Transfer of embryos into the uterus, 14 days - support pregnancy.

Q: Good day! I am 25 years old, married with a child 8 years old. A few days ago made the U.S., because there was a delay period. Gynecologist found that I have 4 weeks of pregnancy and two ovum. My concern is that one egg in the uterine cervix. Could it be that? And what will the fruit? Catherine
 responsible Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, obstetrician-gynecologist in the highest category Baranova Nina Kiramovna: Dear Catherine, with a verified location gestational sac in the cervix gynecologists say ectopic (ectopic) pregnancy, when the fertilized egg develops outside the uterus: abdominal, on the ovary, the fallopian tubes in the cervix. Rarely observed heterotopic (prolific) pregnancy when the uterus is one fertilized egg, and the other is located outside the uterus, including cervix. The main method of treatment of ectopic pregnancy is surgical. You need to urgently seek medical profile.

Question: Hello, Is it possible that a donor egg was my sister? I am 38 years old, my sister in 1931. She has a healthy baby. Larissa
 Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kulinskaya Ekaterina: Dear Larissa, egg donors can be relatives or acquaintances of patients, professional donors are anonymous, selected and surveyed in the Center for Reproduction Clinic Paramonova. After selecting a donor passes medical and genetic testing, in which it appears, meets a woman (the donor) all the necessary requirements for donor eggs.
Requirements for Donors:
physical and mental health,
age from 20 to 35 years,
owning a healthy child,
no abnormalities in external data (the correct figure and facial features).
The volume of donor survey:
1. Fluorography (valid for 1 year)
2. Inspection of the therapist and the conclusion on the health status (1 per year)
3. Genetics consultation (once)
4. Consultation with a psychiatrist (once)
5. Blood test for RW, HIV NvsAg, antibodies to hepatitis C (valid for 3 months.)
6. Blood group and Rh factor (once)
7. CBC (valid for 1 month.)
8. Gemostaziogramma (valid for 1 month.)
9. Blood biochemistry (valid for 1 month.)
10. Cytogenetic screening (once)
11. Urine analysis (valid for 1 month.)
12. Smear on the flora (valid for 1 month.)
13. Cytological examination of scraping from the cervix (valid for 1 year)
14. Gynecological examination
15. Ultrasound examination of the pelvic organs
16. Study material for cervical chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, gonorrhea, HSV, CMV (valid 6 months)
If the results of the survey will not be detected abnormalities, the woman is allowed to participate in the "Egg donation"

Question: Hello. Does your clinic Bank donor? Is there an age limit for IVF? Thank you! Olga
 responsible Kurskova Olga, doctor-Reproduction of the highest category: Hello Olga, the clinic has its own bank donors.
Contraindications for IVF:
* Somatic and mental diseases, is a contraindication to pregnancy and childbirth;
* Congenital malformation or acquired deformities of the uterus, in which it is impossible embryo implantation or child bearing;
* Ovarian tumors;
* Benign tumors of the uterus, requiring surgical treatment;
* Acute inflammatory diseases of any location;
* Malignant neoplasms of any site, including a history.
However, the percentage of unwanted pregnancy and the percentage of successful pregnancy and birth to the age of 35 to 44 years of steadily declining

Q: During the previous pregnancy had been repeated threats of termination, the doctor prescribes hormones. Do I need to at the beginning of the next pregnancy taking these pills? Alina
Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Solomennikova Lily L.: Dear Alina, you must hold predgravidarnuyu training: survey of hormonal, endocrinological background, immune status, to determine the presence of genetic diseases be tested for sexually transmitted infections, a survey of sexual partner. Only after these tests your doctor will decide on the need of hormonal drugs.

Question: Is the absence of a contraindication for IVF tubal ligation, Anna
Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kulinskaya Ekaterina: Dear Anna, obstruction of the fallopian tubes or the lack thereof is an indication for IVF, since fertilization in vivo takes place in the fallopian tubes. Adenomyosis with adhesions in the uterus and prevent pregnancy. Previously before the IVF program to treat adenomyosis with adhesions in the uterine cavity through the appointment of agents that block the activity of endometriodnyh centers, as well as removal of adhesions in the uterine cavity. Only in this case, the IVF program will be effective.

Q: Good day! Tell me, can you, using 3D ultrasound to determine the sex of the child at 16-17 weeks of pregnancy? Unless, of course, the child will not itself turn away and stop to do it. Natalia
 responsible head of the department of ultrasonic diagnosis, a specialist of the highest category Yastrebova Tamara: Dear Natalie, prenatal sex identification is possible only with the 15 th week of pregnancy. Definition of a boy is to detect the scrotum and penis, girls - in the visualization of the labia majora. One of the errors in identifying the sex of the baby is taking a loop of umbilical cord or fetal fingers over the penis. Sometimes the girls in utero observed passing of time swelling of the labia, which are mistaken for testicles. There are cases when the fetus is "hiding" manhood for the tightly clenched legs, and because of his excessive modesty "call names" girl. Optimal period for answering the question cherished - 23-25 ​​weeks of pregnancy. Fetal sufficiently agile and patient perseverance of U.S. doctors are likely to show who he was. At term (37 weeks), sex determination of the child is difficult because of its large size and low mobility.

Question: Dear Lily L.! Please tell me a chance to give birth after 40 years, IVF is much lower than the 36-40? Natalia
responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Solomennikova Lily L.: Dear Natalie, it was found that the effectiveness of IVF depends on the patient's age. Once a woman turns 40 years old, the chances of conceiving through in vitro fertilization are dramatically reduced. Despite the use of advanced techniques for treating infertility, to influence the processes associated with natural aging is impossible. Once a woman turns 27 years, fertility begins to decline gradually, reaching a minimum after 40 years. That is why infertility treatment should be started on time, the highest possible chances of success are young couples, whose age has not yet reached 35 years of age.

Question: Please tell me the difference between a scheme of IVF using donor eggs? Irina
Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kurskova Olga, dear Irina, a program of IVF using donor eggs has its own characteristics. First we need to synchronize the donor's menstrual cycle with the cycle of the expectant mother. Once the cycle begins match the egg donor, had reached a sufficient degree of maturity, held puncture of ovaries and oocytes retrieval donor. The next stage - in vitro fertilization (usually used by the sperm of the recipient woman's partner), and transplantation of the embryo in the uterus. The mechanism of the procedure is the same as in standard in vitro fertilization.

Question: Hello! Tell me how many children you can give birth after cesarean and possible subsequent natural childbirth? Marina
 responsible obstetrician gynecologist in the highest category Fadeeva Marina: Marina respected, the risk of disability uterine scar increases with each subsequent pregnancy. Therefore, after the second or third cesarean women offer sterilization, because subsequent pregnancy and surgical delivery is becoming dangerous to life and the mother and child.
In women undergoing cesarean section, often encountered indications for reoperation, but at the same time, most of them have normal deliveries are possible.
There are situations in which to give birth a second time only after repeated cesarean section. First of all, these are situations where the testimony of the first cesarean section were associated with the structure of the mother's body, and has not changed since then.
For example, anatomically narrow pelvis, somatic diseases women - carried cranio-cerebral trauma, high myopia, retinal detachment. If such violations are likely to reoperation is inevitable.
In multiple pregnancies natural childbirth can be either very difficult or simply impossible without risking the lives of children.
Repeat caesarean section is shown under certain medical complications, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.
The indication for caesarean section will be coming of a new pregnancy in less than 2-3 years after cesarean section or abortion between caesarean section and repeated pregnancies, because curettage of the uterus thinner scar, and may make it inferior.
Just as the first cesarean, repeat cesarean section may be used only if absolutely medically.
By the indications for re-Caesarean section, which may be absolute, in addition to the absolute indications that led to the first caesarean section, usually referred longitudinal scar on the uterus, placenta previa in the rumen; predominance is not muscle, and connective tissue in the uterine scar.
In addition, after two or more caesarean sections spontaneous labor are also contraindicated

Question: Please tell me how authentic indicator of the effectiveness of the Center for Reproduction - 44% and why it is not as high as you can see in other companies - up to 70%. Anastasia.
 meets i.o.zav.Tsentrom reproduction Kurskova Olga: Dear Anastasia, when determining the percentage of pregnancies occurring as a result of our center, taking into account all the occurrence of pregnancy: arising as a result of conservative treatment, and artificial insemination and direct IVF programs. If we considered only the ratio of pregnancies to IVF, of course, the percentage would be considerably higher. We take into account the pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound examination, and not only positive hCG. Quite often falsely positive hCG is regarded by experts as a pregnancy, and women over time begins the menstrual cycle.

Question: Hello! Question to gynecologists: I have found on the left side spikes, please tell me how dangerous they are and whether in all cases, they prevent pregnancy? And if so, what therapies exist in your clinic? Thank you in advance for your reply. Elena
 responsible obstetrician-gynecologist in the highest category Glebov Valery: Dear Elena, adhesions affecting the fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, break the egg from entering the fallopian tube, the movement of sperm in the fallopian tube, the meeting of sperm and egg cells, promotion of the embryo after conception to the insertion into the uterus. In gynecology, adhesions can cause infertility and pelvic pain. The main method of treatment of adhesive process is laparoscopy. With special micromanipulators is adgeziolizis - dissection and removal of adhesions. Methods of separation of adhesions include aquadissection (colliotomy with water supplied under pressure) and electrosurgery (colliotomy using electrocautery).

Question: Hello! I wanted to ask you detailed information about the egg donation. What is required from the donor? Thank you. Yours Svetlana.
responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kurskova Olga: Dear Svetlana, egg donor can be a healthy, parous (having not less than one's own healthy baby), visually appealing, non-smoking women without overweight, aged 20 to 35 years.
If on these requirements you fit, call tel. 8 (8452) 34-43-88, and make an appointment with doctors Reproduction of the Center for Human Reproduction Clinic Paramonova. All donor screening is conducted by the Centre.
Survey donor
The survey only once:
1. Consultation with a psychiatrist;
2. Consultation genetics;
3. Laboratory and genetic testing (karyotyping, screening for carriage mukovistsedoza and phenylketonuria).
Survey 1 times in a year:
1. Medical consultation;
2. Fluorography;
3. ECG;
4. Smear on atypical cells.
Survey 1 time in 6 months:
1. Smears STD: Chlamydia, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, CMV, herpes I + II.
Survey 1 time in 3 months:
1. Analysis of blood: RW, HIV, hepatitis B and C.
Examination prior to each stimulation of the ovaries:
1. Smear on flora;
2. Urinalysis;
3. Detailed analysis of the blood clotting time;
4. Biochemical blood analysis: total protein, protein fractions, bilirubin, ALT, AST;
5. Coagulation: PTI, PTV, and fibrinogen.

Question: Hello, please tell me how to plot basal therapy. Jeanne.
Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kulinskaya Ekaterina: Dear Joan, the construction schedule to begin from the first day of the menstrual cycle, ie from the first day of menstruation. Temperature changes in the rectum in the morning on an empty stomach, immediately after awakening. That is, at 7-8 o'clock in the morning without getting up from bed, a simple mercury thermometer, for 5 minutes introducing his mercurial tip into the anus. Do not forget to fix on the chart the current date. Plotting continue until the next menstrual period. Since the beginning of a new menstruation (new cycle), start building a new schedule. To capture the pattern, it is necessary to measure the temperature for three menstrual cycles and received daily record dannye.

Q: Good afternoon. 1.Podskazhite a schedule clinics. Can I get tested (semen) on Saturday and Sunday? 2.Sperma for analysis at home or going directly to the clinic? Sincerely, Alex.
 Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Solomennikova Lily L.: Dear Alex, to semen parameters were the most objective, it is necessary within three to four days before the date analysis on the semen analysis to refrain from sexual activity. In preparation for the study sperm can not take alcohol. Semen and can distort the medication. For three or four days before the semen can not be overheated, sweating in the sauna, take a bath (only a warm shower). Sperm must pass on the analysis of semen in the clinic in a special laboratory glassware. To study the semen is important to get all the portions of the ejaculate (sperm selection) completely. It is advisable to do semen analysis three times at intervals of two weeks to reliably judge the fertilizing ability of sperm.
Analysis of sperm on semen you can leave the clinic on weekdays and Saturdays from 9.00 am to 11.00 am

Q: Good day! under what circumstances the girl assigned to VMI, and how is this procedure? Thanks in advance! Julia
Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kulinskaya Ekaterina: Dear Julie, intrauterine insemination - a widely used method of assisted reproduction used for the treatment of various reproductive disorders. The method consists in the introduction of specially processed and enriched, concentrated sperm into the uterus of women in preovulyatorny and postovulyatorny period under ultrasound.
AI can be used for pre-prepared or cryopreserved sperm of the husband, as well as cryopreserved sperm donor. The number of attempts of AI is determined by your doctor. The introduction of semen is carried out in periovulyatorny period.
Indications for AI with donor sperm:
Co by her husband:
• severe forms of infertility;
• ejaculatory - sexual frustration with the impossibility of obtaining ejaculate even by biopsy;
• adverse health and genetic prognosis.
Indications for AI husband's sperm:
By the husband:
• subfertile sperm;
•-ejaculatory sexual dysfunction.
By a woman:
• Cervical factor infertility;
• vaginismus.

Question: Hello, Can you please tell how reliable pregnancy test. Marina
responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kurskova Olga: Dear Marina, pregnancy tests can be divided into three groups. Test strips of the first generation, impregnated with special reagent. Dosing of these pregnancy tests are very simple: it is necessary to omit a test strip for half a minute into the urine and then to determine the presence or absence of pregnancy on the number of colored stripes. Despite the simplicity of application, this method has a significant drawback - the inaccuracy of the results. This is due to the fact that the indicator may not be impregnated and give an incorrect result. The same thing can happen if you omit the test strip deeper and hold for longer than is necessary under the regulations. The second group of pregnancy tests - Tablet. The test consists of two windows, its mechanism of action is as follows: the liquid gets into the first window that extends to the layer of reagent and to join with him in the interaction. After a while you see the result in the second box. But the most effective of the currently existing tests for pregnancy is considered inkjet test. These tests include a special layer of blue particles, which are firmly attached to the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin, subject to availability in the urine of women (ie in the presence of pregnancy). The result you get a minute after application, and it will be reliable enough. Reliable result pregnancy test can give only after the beginning of menstruation. But this "post" - very individual. It depends on the quality of the acquired test, and the course of pregnancy, and the proper use, and even from the expiry date and storage test. The accuracy of tests is very high, it reaches 97%. In some cases, the test can give erroneous results. This happens if the test was conducted without complying with the instructions. If you have not had a test in the morning, the test can be performed at any time of day, but before the test for 4 hours not to visit the toilet. In some cases, the test can show a false positive result, it happens in the presence of certain diseases. The test can show false negative results if the concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in your body is not high enough, so the test should always be repeated after a few days after the first test.

Question: Hello! Prompt please, what is better to take the test to determine the compatibility of spouses - Shuvarskogo test or test Kurtsproka - Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kulinskaya Ekaterina: Dear Irene, Shuvarskogo test is that the study takes a cervical mucus in women at mid-cycle, and semen men after a 5-6-day abstinence. Mucus and sperm are placed on a glass slide. Further, these drops are combined and monitored under the microscope: Will not occur if the death of sperm from the "local" antibodies cervical mucus. Sample lasts 2 hours. If during this time 50% of the sperm penetrated the drop of mucus, the result is negative, ie antibodies to sperm do not. If half of the sperm cells die, and the others lose their mobility, the test is positive. This test aims to identify the compatibility only with her husband, the sample Kurtsproka-Miller - is aimed at identifying the compatibility with her husband and the donor.

Q: Tell us how to donate blood for hormones. Lena.
Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Kurskova Olga: Dear Elena, any blood test shall be on an empty stomach. Blood for hormones (FSH, LH, prolactin, testosterone) is taken for 2-5 day cycle. Before any blood on the eve of prolactin to exclude sexually active, any physical exertion, emotional stress, intake of fatty foods.

Q: Good afternoon. Is it possible to conduct gisterosalpinografii not to be tested? Thanks in advance, Irina
 Responsible physician Reproduction of the highest category Solomennikova Lily L.: Dear Irene, prior to hysterosalpingography, as well as before any other surgical intervention, the patient necessarily passes tests: RW, hepatitis B and C, HIV, smear flora, onkotsitologiyu, blood tests group and Rh factor, clinical and biochemical blood analysis, common urine analysis, ECG, counseling therapist, a pelvic ultrasound.

Question: Hello. Please help me understand spermogramme
Abstinence - 3 days Dilution - standard data sample:
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